The British Coal Utilisation Research Association


The Technical Officer prepares a written report to each Council meeting (three Council meetings are held each year) which is dispatched to Council Members, Industrial Panel Members and the DECC Project Officer, at least three weeks before each meeting. The report:-

  • Details progress on active projects utilising information provided by the BCURA Industrial Supervisors and by the BCURA Company Secretary which is co-ordinated by the Technical Officer.

  • Presents the new proposals received for research projects and the recommendations of the Industrial and Research Panels for decision by Council on funding.

In order to discharge these reporting responsibilities to Council the Technical Officer will:-

  • Be the prime point of contact for all researchers who wish to discuss ideas for new projects. All proposals for new projects will be routed through the Technical Officer who will:-

    • Distribute copies of each proposal to the members of the Industrial and Research Panels and make a recommendation at the Industrial and Research Panel meetings on its suitability for BCURA funding. If required by the Research Panel, the Technical Officer will seek referees for the technical appraisal of these proposals.

    • Attend meetings of the Industrial and Research Panels.

    • Provide the DECC Project Officer with copies of each proposal received.

  • Work with the BCURA Company Secretary to ensure appropriate financial information is available for the Technical Officer to present to Council. This will include receipt, completion and forwarding to the BCURA Company Secretary of the “BCURA Six-monthly Progress and Final Report Approval Form” which is sent to the Technical Officer with the relevant Six-monthly or Final Report by the Industrial Supervisor for each contract.

  • Ensure that the “Required Procedures for the Operation of a BCURA Research Grant” are being adhered to by the Industrial Supervisor and the University Project Manager (see Appendix E of the BCURA model contract and Section 3.2 above, The Operation of a BCURA Contract, to include the Duties of the BCURA Industrial Supervisor).

  • Have authority to amend the technical direction of a project if such a recommendation is made by the BCURA Industrial Supervisor provided that:-

    • The redirection is reported to Council;

    • The redirection does not involve any increase in BCURA’s financial liabilities in any year

    • The redirection is discussed and agreed with the DECC Project Officer.

  • Attend and Chair the Final Report Review Meeting to appraise the draft Final Report of each contract

  • Maintain technical records of proposals received by BCURA and of active BCURA projects and arrange for their transfer to the BCURA library on completion of the project. All such records will be accessible to Members of the Industrial and Research Panels and will remain the property of BCURA at all times.

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